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Acne Scars Treatment

Acne Scars Treatment – Restore confidence in your skin!
No longer needs to leave a permanent mark on your skin, and we offer a number of treatments to help visibly reduce acne scarring.
Both Fractional RF and Dermal rolling aim to rejuvenate the supportive components of your skin helping to firm and plump the skin.
Our acne scar reduction treatments both affordable and effective.
Dermal rolling and Fractional RF work to even skin tone and can result in a visible reduction in the appearance of acne scars.
We offer a free 15 minute consultation with one of our Skin Experts to help identify which treatment best suited to your skin and needs.

What to expect during your appointment?

We start by having you lie down comfortably before applying a thin layer of conductive lotion in the areas to treated. You will see flashes of light as the treatment begins. Most people say they occasionally feel a mild snapping sensation, especially in extremely sensitive sections or over a bony area. After we are done, you will have an opportunity to wipe away any excess lotion and apply a rich, soothing moisturizer or calming hydrocortisone cream. The procedure time will depend on how large of an area we are removing hair from.

Length of results

The IPL Acne Treatment helps to diminish whiteheads and blemishes by targeting breakouts before they happen. This proactive treatment uses different light frequencies to dissolve cystic acne breakouts and effectively addresses both p-acne bacteria and subcutaneous acne.

Acne Scars Treatment

Request A Free Consultation With Skin Spark Calgary

At SkinSpark Sunridge, we provide free consultations to patients in the Calgary area. During your consultation, we can discuss different facials and treatments that will provide you with amazing results. To get started, text us at (403)-464-2222 or fill out our site’s request form. We look forward to seeing you at our skincare center in SkinSpark!




The consultation was given to me in such a way that I come across various reasons in my daily life which caused acne. I have suffered from

acne from long but even after googling so much and getting medications for the same I got my acne removal treatment sessions properly here and the consultation

taught so many things which I was not aware of the things which caused me acne and I thought those were fine instead those were causing acne……thank you so much for helping me with this..:)


Staff is so friendly and helpful!!silkpeel helped me to remove the adult acne ….i look forward to come again