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Forget stretch marks, remember confidence

Stretch Marks caused by a lack of collagen and elastin during times of intengrowth periods that result in tears in the deeper layers of the skin.
When these tears heal, they form scar tissue resulting in what is known as stretch marks.
Fractional heats the scar tissue to a therapeutic temperature to repair and regenerate the skin’s natural production of collagen.
Fractional RF targets stretch marks by using a combination of fractional radio frequency (fractional RF) and dermal stamping which penetrates the deeper layers resulting in tighter looking skin with a more even tone.
This allows you to forget stretch marks and regain body confidence.

What to expect during your appointment?

We start by having you lie down comfortably before applying a thin layer of conductive lotion in the areas to treated. You will see flashes of light as the treatment begins. Most people say they occasionally feel a mild snapping sensation, especially in extremely sensitive sections or over a bony area. After we done, you will have an opportunity to wipe away any excess lotion and apply a rich, soothing moisturizer or calming hydrocortisone cream. The procedure time will depend on how large of an area we are removing hair from.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Fractional Laser are impressive and lead to a visible reduction in stretch marks.
This treatment is suitable for all skin types and reinforces the skin’s supportive elements.
All clients can expect an overall evening of skin tone, allowing them to regain confidence in their skin. It results in minimal to no downtime; is versatile; non-invasive and can tailored to treat numerous skin conditions.

Stretch Marks Removal Calgary

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I got my pregnancy stretch marks removed in 4 sessions only. Great results and happy with it.


Amazing place and staff. Not so pricey too. Surely coming back.